Lanzamientos de Abril 2017

Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae abril. El año avanza y este mes no trae tantos bombazos como marzo pero sí estarán en él Outlast II, Syberia 3, Persona 5 o Sniper Elite entre otros.

Os dejamos una lista completa con los juegos que no aparecen en el vídeo.

1/4/2017 Bacon Tales – Between Pigs and Wolves (PC)
1/4/2017 Cat Goes Platform (PC)
1/4/2017 Deep End (PC)
1/4/2017 DragoDino (PC)
1/4/2017 Happy Campers (PC)
1/4/2017 MORTEM (PC)
1/4/2017 State of Anarchy: Master of Mayhem (PC)
1/4/2017 There’s Poop In My Soup: Number 2 (PC)
1/4/2017 Tiny Thor (PC)
1/4/2017 WAVESHAPER (PC)
3/4/2017 1166 (PC)
3/4/2017 Feral Fury (PC)
3/4/2017 Glorch’s Great Escape: Walking is for Chumps (PC)
3/4/2017 Idle Evolution (PC)
3/4/2017 Roots of Insanity (PC)
3/4/2017 Spaceship Looter (PC)
4/4/2017 Domina (PC)
4/4/2017 SoulSaverOnline (PC)
5/4/2017 Farm World (PC)
6/4/2017 Ira (PC)
6/4/2017 Tequila Zombies 3 (PC)
6/4/2017 The Franz Kafka Videogame (PC)
6/4/2017 White Noise 2 (PC)
7/4/2017 From Shadows (PC)
7/4/2017 Radiant Crusade (PC)
7/4/2017 Shadowhand (PC)
10/4/2017 TANKOUT (PC)
10/4/2017 The Signal From Tölva (PC)
11/4/2017 Bounty Killer (PC)
11/4/2017 Dovetail Games Euro Fishing (PS4)
11/4/2017 Euro Fishing (PS4)
11/4/2017 Snow Moto Racing Freedom (PS4 y PC)
12/4/2017 Impact Winter (PC)
14/4/2017 Hot Plates (PC)
19/4/2017 Balthazar’s Dream (PC)
19/4/2017 WaveLand (PC)
20/4/2017 The Low Road (PC)
21/4/2017 Everything (PC)
21/4/2017 Flatspace IIk (PC)
21/4/2017 Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (PC)
24/4/2017 Statik (PS4)
25/4/2017 Pinstripe n(PC)
25/4/2017 Wilson’s Heart (PC)
26/4/2017 Insatia (PC)
27/4/2017 de Blob (PC)
27/4/2017 Expeditions: Viking (PC)
28/4/2017 Constructor HD (PS4, Xbox One, Pc y Switch)
28/4/2017 Gold Rush! 2 (PC)
28/4/2017 Polybius (PS4)
28/4/2017 Viking Rage (PC)
Abril 2017 Aliens Go Home Run (PC)
Abril 2017 Battle Girls (PC)
Abril 2017 Black the Fall (PC)
Abril 2017 Calm Waters (PC)
Abril 2017 Cluckles’ Adventure (PC)
Abril 2017 Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop (Nintendo 3DS)
Abril 2017 Crash Force (Xbox One y PC)
Abril 2017 Divine Ascent (PC)
Abril 2017 Extreme-G 2 (PC)
Abril 2017 GRIDD: Retroenhanced (PC)
Abril 2017 Kingdoms and Castles (PC)
Abril 2017 Knights and Bikes (PS4 y PC)
Abril 2017 Late Shift (Ps4, Xbox One y PC)
Abril 2017 Lock’s Quest (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
Abril 2017 Lynn and the Spirits of Inao (PC)
Abril 2017 Midnight Calling: Anabel Collector’s Edition (PC)
Abril 2017 Mini Ghost (PC)
Abril 2017 Missile Cards (PC)
Abril 2017 Nongünz (PC)
Abril 2017 Sailaway – The Sailing Simulator (PC)
Abril 2017 Save Their Souls (PC)
Abril 2017 Slime-san (PC)
Abril 2017 To The Top (PC)
Abril 2017 Trickshot (PC)
Abril 2017 Witch Hunt (PC)

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