Lanzamientos de Mayo


Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae mayo. Un mes más flojo de lo que es habitual pero con grandes títulos como Detroit:Become Human, la remasterización de Dark Souls, la nueva entrega de State of Decay y Conan Exiles.

Os dejamos la lista con más lanzamientos

1/5/2018 A Walk in the Woods (PC)
1/5/2018 Alone (PC)
1/5/2018 Curling World Cup (PC)
1/5/2018 Daily Routine (PC)
1/5/2018 Together (PC)
1/5/2018 Trivia Vault: Celebrity Trivia (PC)
1/5/2018 Zucc Simulator (PC)
2/5/2018 WIN THE GAME: DO IT! (PC)
3/5/2018 Block Party Sports (PC)
3/5/2018 Juicy Realm (PC)
3/5/2018 Null Vector (PC)
3/5/2018 Sky Conqueror (PC)
3/5/2018 Soul Smith of the Kingdom (PC)
4/5/2018 Cranes (PC)
4/5/2018 Creatio Ex Nihilo III: Amor Dei (PC)
4/5/2018 Dark Matter (2018) (PC)
4/5/2018 Escape First (PC)
4/5/2018 Escape From Cozy Island (PC)
4/5/2018 Guardian of Immortal Mountain (PC)
4/5/2018 Viki Spotter: Space Mission (PC)
4/5/2018 Without Within 3 (PC)
5/5/2018 Achievement Idler: Red (PC)
5/5/2018 Rabbit Valley Legend (PC)
6/5/2018 Zimbo (PC)
7/5/2018 Aik’s Cheese Adventures (PC)
7/5/2018 Boxes Inc. (PC)
7/5/2018 Cursed Caves (PC)
7/5/2018 Primitive Race (PC)
7/5/2018 Save her, from dreams (PC)
7/5/2018 Slab (PC)
7/5/2018 Sudoku (PC)
7/5/2018 Vortex Rush (PC)
7/5/2018 X-ray hospital (PC)
8/5/2018 Hodl: The God of Crypto (PC)
8/5/2018 Hypersonic Speed Girl (PC)
8/5/2018 Ocean Wonder VR (PC)
8/5/2018 Pestis (PC)
8/5/2018 Tacoma (PS4)
8/5/2018 Viki Spotter: Sports (PC)
9/5/2018 Block Smashers VR (PC)
9/5/2018 RPGolf (PC)
9/5/2018 Russian Gangsta In HELL (PC)
10/5/2018 Deadfall Tropics (PC)
10/5/2018 DEEP SPACE | Space-Platformer (PC)
10/5/2018 Electroquest: Resistance is Futile (PC)
10/5/2018 Far Craft (PC)
10/5/2018 Gansel and Hretel (PC)
11/5/2018 Dino Dawn (PC)
11/5/2018 Dreamland Defender (PC)
11/5/2018 Endersite (PC)
11/5/2018 Fortune-499 (PC)
11/5/2018 Frightened Beetles (PC)
11/5/2018 Merry Glade (PC)
11/5/2018 Odium To the Core (PC)
11/5/2018 Realistic Illusion (PC)
13/5/2018 TEVA (PC)
13/5/2018 Venal Soul (Chapter One) (PC)
14/5/2018 Airplane Sky Voyage (PC)
14/5/2018 best game eu (PC)
14/5/2018 Hyperspace Dogfights (PC)
14/5/2018 Stonewall Penitentiary (PC)
15/5/2018 1943 Deadly Desert (PC)
15/5/2018 Azuran Tales: Trials (PC)
15/5/2018 GoNNER (PS4)
15/5/2018 ICED VR (PC)
15/5/2018 Professor Madhouse (PC)
15/5/2018 Psycho Squirrels (PC)
15/5/2018 Sandmade (PC)
15/5/2018 Zombie Teacher (PC)
16/5/2018 Dinosaur Hunter (PC)
16/5/2018 Dumb As Wizards (PC)
16/5/2018 Entropy 2120 (PC)
16/5/2018 Floor Kids (PC)
16/5/2018 GOLFY GOLF (PC)
17/5/2018 Imperialism: The Dark Continent (PC)
17/5/2018 Invisiballs (Switch)
17/5/2018 LOGistICAL: Caribbean (PC)
17/5/2018 Sacralith: The Archer’s Tale (PC)
17/5/2018 Space Chip (PC)
17/5/2018 ZombieThon (PC)
18/5/2018 CORRUPTION (PC)
18/5/2018 Deathly Storm: The Edge of Life (PC)
18/5/2018 Flashing Lights (PC)
18/5/2018 The Outlaw, The Drunk, & The Whore (PC)
19/5/2018 Seek Etyliv (PC)
20/5/2018 Froggy BOI (PC)
20/5/2018 Sky Dodge (PC9
21/5/2018 Airbo (PC)
21/5/2018 Bob The Cube (PC)
21/5/2018 Hell in Paradise (PC)
21/5/2018 Inexplicable Geeks: Dawn of Just Us (PC)
23/5/2018 Arlo The Rabbit (PC)
23/5/2018 Asylamba : Influence (PC)
23/5/2018 Lingua Magicka (PC)
23/5/2018 Salary Man Escape (PS4)
23/5/2018 Stargazer program (PC)
24/5/2018 E-Sport Manager (PC)
24/5/2018 Magical Fable: The Princess of Light (PC)
24/5/2018 Setup Developer Tool 2018 (PC)
24/5/2018 Stickman World (PC)
24/5/2018 The Piano (PC)
25/5/2018 Cosmic Top Secret (PC)
25/5/2018 Dirt Bike Insanity (PC)
25/5/2018 No Prospect Company (PC)
25/5/2018 Torture Chamber (PC)
25/5/2018 Whitevale Defender (PC)
30/5/2018 Coffee Crisis (PC)
30/5/2018 Russian Fishing 4 (PC)
31/5/2018 A Light in the Dark (PC)
31/5/2018 Feudal Lords (PC)
31/5/2018 InstaCondo Limited (PC)
31/5/2018 Overload (PC)
31/5/2018 The will of a single Tale (PC)

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