Lanzamientos de Julio 2018

Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae julio. Los meses de verano suelen ser más flojos de lo habitual hasta que arranca la nueva temporada.

Os dejamos la lista con más lanzamientos

1/7/2018 Animosity (PC)
1/7/2018 Another Otter (PC)
1/7/2018 DeadLand VR (PC)
2/7/2018 AnimVR (PC)
2/7/2018 Beyond The Heavens (PC)
2/7/2018 Casino Mega Collection (PC)
2/7/2018 Cat’s Yarn (PC)
2/7/2018 Chess Parallel Esports (PC)
2/7/2018 Rabbit and the moon (PC)
2/7/2018 Rage of the Pumpkins (PC)
2/7/2018 Shred! 2 – Freeride Mountainbiking (PC)
3/7/2018 Epic Helicopter (PC)
3/7/2018 Labirinto 2 (PC)
3/7/2018 Vivez Versailles (PC)
4/7/2018 DERE EVIL .EXE (PC)
4/7/2018 GeoGebra Mixed Reality (PC)
5/7/2018 Beyond the Mind (PC)
5/7/2018 Police Air Transporter (PC)
5/7/2018 School Idol (PC)
5/7/2018 Spring of Decadence (PC)
5/7/2018 Struggle For Light (PC)
5/7/2018 The point G. How to find? (PC)
6/7/2018 De Fobos y Deimos (PC)
6/7/2018 Destination Dungeons: Catacombs of Dreams (PC)
6/7/2018 Dog’s Quest (PC)
6/7/2018 Draft Day Sports: College Football 2018 (PC)
6/7/2018 Jumpo Joe (PC)
6/7/2018 Mansion of Horrors (PC)
6/7/2018 Supesu (PC)
6/7/2018 The Official GamingTaylor Game, Great Job! (PC)
6/7/2018 Tock (PC)
7/7/2018 Outer Space (PC)
7/7/2018 Summer: Jigsaw Puzzles (PC)
8/7/2018 Doujin Jigsaw Puzzle (PC)
9/7/2018 Depression The Game (PC)
9/7/2018 Ecchi Cards (PC)
9/7/2018 Fairyland: Power Dice (PC)
9/7/2018 HellMaze (PC)
9/7/2018 KO Mech (PC)
9/7/2018 The Chronicles of Quiver Dick (PC)
9/7/2018 The SOL Device (PC)
10/7/2018 Bug Splatt (PC)
10/7/2018 Color by Numbers – Flowers (PC)
10/7/2018 Curse in our heads (PC)
10/7/2018 Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament (PC)
10/7/2018 Hardway Party (PC)
10/7/2018 HoloLAB Champions (PC)
10/7/2018 Lu Bu Maker (PC)
10/7/2018 O.C.D. – On Completeness & Dissonance (PC)
10/7/2018 Pitch Perfect Ear Training (PC)
10/7/2018 Queen of Spades (PC)
10/7/2018 Ray of Light (PC)
10/7/2018 Remyadry (PC)
10/7/2018 Richy’s Nightmares (PC)
10/7/2018 The Enthralling Realms (PC)
10/7/2018 The Skeleton (PC)
10/7/2018 Tomato Way 2 (PC)
12/7/2018 Brath: Brain and Math (PC)
12/7/2018 FlowDot (PC)
12/7/2018 Garage Master 2018 (PC)
13/7/2018 Falling Blocks (PC)
13/7/2018 Fitzzle Regal Tigers (PC)
13/7/2018 Goblin Walker (PC)
13/7/2018 Immortals (PC)
13/7/2018 Mars or Die! (PC)
13/7/2018 Mecha-Tokyo Rush (PC)
13/7/2018 MiniCar Race (PC)
13/7/2018 Yeli Orog (PC)
14/7/2018 Outside the Lines (PC)
15/7/2018 Barbarroja (PC)
16/7/2018 Groove Coaster for Steam (PC)
16/7/2018 Saint Slaughter X Days (PC)
16/7/2018 Super Green Rally (PC)
16/7/2018 The Life’s Lane (PC)
16/7/2018 Whiskered Away (PC)
17/7/2018 Christmas at Morleyville Mall (PC)
17/7/2018 Galencia (PC)
17/7/2018 Tilesweeper (PC)
17/7/2018 Tiny Hands Adventure (PC)
17/7/2018 Tribloos 3 (PC)
18/7/2018 I am Your President (PC)
18/7/2018 Nano Nebula (PC)
18/7/2018 Night of the Shrub Part 2 (PC)
19/7/2018 A Rite from the Stars (PC)
19/7/2018 Eternal Fantasy PC
20/7/2018 Adolescent Santa Claus (PC)
20/7/2018 Adva-lines (PC)
20/7/2018 Greenspawn Restaurant (PC)
20/7/2018 Helping Hand (PC)
20/7/2018 Heroki (Switch)
20/7/2018 Shadowlings (PC)
24/7/2018 Doors to the City (PC)
26/7/2018 Marvel Powers United VR (PC)
26/7/2018 Sleep Tight (PC)
26/7/2018 Sleep Tight (Switch)
27/7/2018 Evil Spring: Student Holidays (PC)
27/7/2018 Go Vacation (Switch)

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