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Lanzamientos de Junio 2020

¿Queréis saber qué videojuegos salen cada mes al mercado? Desde aquí podréis consultar los lanzamientos de cada mes. Además, incluimos una lista con los que no aparecen reflejados en el vídeo.

JUNIO 2020

Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae el mes de junio. 

Lanzamientos junio 2019

Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae el mes de junio. Grandes lanzamientos como Crash Team Racing, Judgment o la nueva entrega de Super Mario Maker.  

Lanzamientos de Julio 2018

Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae julio. Los meses de verano suelen ser más flojos de lo habitual hasta que arranca la nueva temporada.

Os dejamos la lista con más lanzamientos

1/7/2018 Animosity (PC)
1/7/2018 Another Otter (PC)
1/7/2018 DeadLand VR (PC)
2/7/2018 AnimVR (PC)
2/7/2018 Beyond The Heavens (PC)
2/7/2018 Casino Mega Collection (PC)
2/7/2018 Cat’s Yarn (PC)
2/7/2018 Chess Parallel Esports (PC)
2/7/2018 Rabbit and the moon (PC)
2/7/2018 Rage of the Pumpkins (PC)
2/7/2018 Shred! 2 – Freeride Mountainbiking (PC)
3/7/2018 Epic Helicopter (PC)
3/7/2018 Labirinto 2 (PC)
3/7/2018 Vivez Versailles (PC)
4/7/2018 DERE EVIL .EXE (PC)
4/7/2018 GeoGebra Mixed Reality (PC)
5/7/2018 Beyond the Mind (PC)
5/7/2018 Police Air Transporter (PC)
5/7/2018 School Idol (PC)
5/7/2018 Spring of Decadence (PC)
5/7/2018 Struggle For Light (PC)
5/7/2018 The point G. How to find? (PC)
6/7/2018 De Fobos y Deimos (PC)
6/7/2018 Destination Dungeons: Catacombs of Dreams (PC)
6/7/2018 Dog’s Quest (PC)
6/7/2018 Draft Day Sports: College Football 2018 (PC)
6/7/2018 Jumpo Joe (PC)
6/7/2018 Mansion of Horrors (PC)
6/7/2018 Supesu (PC)
6/7/2018 The Official GamingTaylor Game, Great Job! (PC)
6/7/2018 Tock (PC)
7/7/2018 Outer Space (PC)
7/7/2018 Summer: Jigsaw Puzzles (PC)
8/7/2018 Doujin Jigsaw Puzzle (PC)
9/7/2018 Depression The Game (PC)
9/7/2018 Ecchi Cards (PC)
9/7/2018 Fairyland: Power Dice (PC)
9/7/2018 HellMaze (PC)
9/7/2018 KO Mech (PC)
9/7/2018 The Chronicles of Quiver Dick (PC)
9/7/2018 The SOL Device (PC)
10/7/2018 Bug Splatt (PC)
10/7/2018 Color by Numbers – Flowers (PC)
10/7/2018 Curse in our heads (PC)
10/7/2018 Echoes of the Fey: The Last Sacrament (PC)
10/7/2018 Hardway Party (PC)
10/7/2018 HoloLAB Champions (PC)
10/7/2018 Lu Bu Maker (PC)
10/7/2018 O.C.D. – On Completeness & Dissonance (PC)
10/7/2018 Pitch Perfect Ear Training (PC)
10/7/2018 Queen of Spades (PC)
10/7/2018 Ray of Light (PC)
10/7/2018 Remyadry (PC)
10/7/2018 Richy’s Nightmares (PC)
10/7/2018 The Enthralling Realms (PC)
10/7/2018 The Skeleton (PC)
10/7/2018 Tomato Way 2 (PC)
12/7/2018 Brath: Brain and Math (PC)
12/7/2018 FlowDot (PC)
12/7/2018 Garage Master 2018 (PC)
13/7/2018 Falling Blocks (PC)
13/7/2018 Fitzzle Regal Tigers (PC)
13/7/2018 Goblin Walker (PC)
13/7/2018 Immortals (PC)
13/7/2018 Mars or Die! (PC)
13/7/2018 Mecha-Tokyo Rush (PC)
13/7/2018 MiniCar Race (PC)
13/7/2018 Yeli Orog (PC)
14/7/2018 Outside the Lines (PC)
15/7/2018 Barbarroja (PC)
16/7/2018 Groove Coaster for Steam (PC)
16/7/2018 Saint Slaughter X Days (PC)
16/7/2018 Super Green Rally (PC)
16/7/2018 The Life’s Lane (PC)
16/7/2018 Whiskered Away (PC)
17/7/2018 Christmas at Morleyville Mall (PC)
17/7/2018 Galencia (PC)
17/7/2018 Tilesweeper (PC)
17/7/2018 Tiny Hands Adventure (PC)
17/7/2018 Tribloos 3 (PC)
18/7/2018 I am Your President (PC)
18/7/2018 Nano Nebula (PC)
18/7/2018 Night of the Shrub Part 2 (PC)
19/7/2018 A Rite from the Stars (PC)
19/7/2018 Eternal Fantasy PC
20/7/2018 Adolescent Santa Claus (PC)
20/7/2018 Adva-lines (PC)
20/7/2018 Greenspawn Restaurant (PC)
20/7/2018 Helping Hand (PC)
20/7/2018 Heroki (Switch)
20/7/2018 Shadowlings (PC)
24/7/2018 Doors to the City (PC)
26/7/2018 Marvel Powers United VR (PC)
26/7/2018 Sleep Tight (PC)
26/7/2018 Sleep Tight (Switch)
27/7/2018 Evil Spring: Student Holidays (PC)
27/7/2018 Go Vacation (Switch)

Lanzamientos de Diciembre 2017


Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae diciembre. Último mes del año donde ya está todo prácticamente vendido pero vienen joyas como Xenoblade Chronicles 2, la edición completa de Dead Rising 4 para PS4 y Mario Party Top 100 para 3DS.

Os dejamos una lista completa con los juegos que no aparecen en el vídeo.

1/12/2017 Air Hockey (PC)
1/12/2017 Cassandra’s Fabulous Foray (PC)
1/12/2017 Crescent Bay (PC)
1/12/2017 Daddy’s Girls (PC)
1/12/2017 Dark Maze (PC)
1/12/2017 Darkroom (PC)
1/12/2017 Deathpit 3000 (PC)
1/12/2017 Deep Space: Unknown Universe (PC)
1/12/2017 Final Prophet (PC)
1/12/2017 Hunter of antiques (PC)
1/12/2017 Jay Fighter: Remastered (PC)
1/12/2017 Little Einar (PC)
1/12/2017 Lost Home (PC)
1/12/2017 MineStickman (PC)
1/12/2017 Pop Pop Boom Boom VR (PC)
1/12/2017 Project Cabin (PC)
1/12/2017 Puzzle Chambers (PC)
1/12/2017 Puzzle Tactics (PC)
1/12/2017 Scrap Galaxy (PC)
1/12/2017 Slave Story (PC)
1/12/2017 Space Leprechaun (PC)
1/12/2017 Spring Breeze (PC)
1/12/2017 Starlight of Aeons (PC)
1/12/2017 The Breeding: The Fog (PC)
1/12/2017 W4RR-i/o-RS (PC)
1/12/2017 YAPP: Yet Another Puzzle Platformer (PC)
2/12/2017 Death Rings of Jupiter (PC)
2/12/2017 LOGistICAL: USA – Wisconsin (PC)
2/12/2017 Terra Tanks: Defenders of the Earth (PC)
2/12/2017 The 111th Soul (PC)
3/12/2017 Croneworld – Chapter 1 (PC)
3/12/2017 Labyronia Elements (PC)
4/12/2017 Government Simulator (PC)
4/12/2017 Hyper Knights: Battles (PC)
4/12/2017 Memory Meme (PC)
4/12/2017 Sky Road (PC)
4/12/2017 Stacker (PC)
5/12/2017 Chicken Farm 2K17 (PC)
5/12/2017 Humans VR (PC)
5/12/2017 Midnight Quest (PC)
5/12/2017 Tales of Winds: Tomb of the Sol Empire (PC)
5/12/2017 The Francy Droo & Friends Collection (PC)
5/12/2017 Trainz Model Railroad 2017 (PC)
6/12/2017 Wurst Defender Coop Edition (PC)
7/12/2017 2-in-1 Fluid Intelligence (PC)
7/12/2017 Beyond Clouds (PC)
7/12/2017 Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy (PC)
7/12/2017 Launch Party (PC)
7/12/2017 LQVE: Lion Quest Versus Expanded (PC)
7/12/2017 Magic Girls (PC)
7/12/2017 Man of Honor (PC)
7/12/2017 Naughty Elves (PC)
7/12/2017 Pathos (PC)
7/12/2017 Pixel Zombie (PC)
7/12/2017 Rocket Blasters (PC)
7/12/2017 The Box VR (PC)
7/12/2017 Through the Mirror (PC)
7/12/2017 Truth: Disorder (PC)
8/12/2017 Bug Battle (PC)
8/12/2017 Darkroom – Ray of Light (PC)
8/12/2017 Frosty Nights (PC)
8/12/2017 Lawnmower Game 2: Drifter (PC)
8/12/2017 Paladin (Xbox One)
8/12/2017 Stand by you (PC)
8/12/2017 TACTICAL (PC)
8/12/2017 The Mystery Room (PC)
8/12/2017 The Resistance (PC)
8/12/2017 Yodanji (PC)
8/12/2017 Z-End (PC)
9/12/2017 Gauntlet of IRE (PC)
9/12/2017 Puzzle Blocks (2017) (PC)
9/12/2017 Seal Guardian (PC)
9/12/2017 Slice the Ice (PC)
10/12/2017 No God For Us (PC)
11/12/2017 Ninja Stealth 3 (PC)
11/12/2017 Sacralith: The Archer’s Tale (PC)
12/12/2017 Abscond (PC)
12/12/2017 Dungeons & Vampires (PC)
12/12/2017 Somerville (PC)
12/12/2017 Zup! 7 (PC)
13/12/2017 Amazeing Lemons (PC)
13/12/2017 The Grand Canyon VR Experience (PC)
13/12/2017 Whirlpool (PC)
14/12/2017 Arenus (PC)
15/12/2017 Frontier Pilot Simulator (PC)
15/12/2017 Half Past Impossible (PC)
15/12/2017 Parking Cop Simulator (PC)
15/12/2017 Purrfect Date (PC)
15/12/2017 The Dream Collector (PC)
15/12/2017 The Ghost of Joe Papp (PC)
15/12/2017 VR Ping Pong Paradise (PC)
15/12/2017 Wooden Battles (PC)
16/12/2017 Infantry (PC)
16/12/2017 Mark After Dark (PC)
18/12/2017 Major League Gladiators (PC)
20/12/2017 AppleSnake2 (PC)
20/12/2017 Sudoku by Nestor Yavorskyy (PC)
21/12/2017 Mike was Сursed (PC)
21/12/2017 Nebula Nuker (PC)
21/12/2017 Tooki (PC)
22/12/2017 Ancient Code VR (PC)
22/12/2017 Dungeon’s Barrage (PC)
22/12/2017 Follow My Footsteps (PC)
22/12/2017 Knights of the Drowned Table (PC)
22/12/2017 Sigi – A Fart for Melusina (PC)
23/12/2017 Endless Inside (PC9
25/12/2017 Chiffa 2 (PC)

Lanzamientos de Noviembre 2017


Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae octubre. Gran mes con lanzamientos como Call of Duty: WWII, la nueva entrega de Need for Speed o el esperado Star Wars Battlefront II.

Os dejamos una lista completa con los juegos que no aparecen en el vídeo.

1/11/2017 Achievement Lurker: Respectable Accomplishment (PC)
1/11/2017 Another Rocket Game (PC)
1/11/2017 Cleansuit (PC)
1/11/2017 Little Busters! English Edition (PC)
1/11/2017 Little Einar (PC)
1/11/2017 Merv Reborn (PC)
1/11/2017 Mindset (PC)
1/11/2017 Mini Hockey Champ! (PC)
1/11/2017 MinSweeper (PC)
1/11/2017 Mulletman and the Molemen (PC)
1/11/2017 Scrap (PC)
1/11/2017 Softened Cookie (PC)
1/11/2017 Soundscape (PC)
1/11/2017 Talk to Aya (PC)
2/11/2017 Banano Bros (PC)
2/11/2017 Cubion (PC)
2/11/2017 Data Thief (PC)
2/11/2017 Distant Space 2 (PC)
2/11/2017 Dreadnought Sol (PC)
2/11/2017 Epic Battle Simulator 2 (PC)
2/11/2017 Final Storm (PC)
2/11/2017 Soldier of Failure 2 (PC)
3/11/2017 CaveDuel (PC)
3/11/2017 Dream Golf VR (PC)
3/11/2017 Final Prophet (PC)
3/11/2017 Fluffy Friends 2 (PC)
3/11/2017 LeftWay (PC)
3/11/2017 Lost Home (PC)
3/11/2017 Math Combat Challenge (PC)
3/11/2017 More Than Just Chess (PC)
3/11/2017 Ninja in Training (PC)
3/11/2017 Oik 3 (PC)
3/11/2017 Spring Breeze (PC)
3/11/2017 WAR Pig – Big Bang (PC)
4/11/2017 LOGistICAL (PC)
6/11/2017 Gravity Tunnel VR (PC)
6/11/2017 Hex (PC)
6/11/2017 Maddening Euphoria (PC)
7/11/2017 Cutie Paws (PC)
7/11/2017 Farming Simulator 17 (Switch)
7/11/2017 Warlock Revenge (PC)
8/11/2017 Battlerite (PC)
8/11/2017 Flash Point: Fire Rescue (PC)
8/11/2017 Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (PS4)
8/11/2017 Starblast (PC)
9/11/2017 Epic PVP Castles (PC)
9/11/2017 MegaRace (PC)
9/11/2017 The Scrungeon Depths PC
9/11/2017 TransRoad: USA (PC)
9/11/2017 Truth or Dare? (PC)
10/11/2017 Fantasy of Eden (PC)
10/11/2017 Harvest Life (PC)
10/11/2017 Left-Hand Path (PC)
10/11/2017 Magical Squash (PC)
10/11/2017 Onimod Land (PC)
10/11/2017 Sorry, James (PC)
10/11/2017 Zomborg (PC)
13/11/2017 REGENESIS Arcade (PC)
13/11/2017 The Executioner: Prologue (PC)
14/11/2017 de Blob (PS4 y Xbox One)
14/11/2017 Harvest Moon: Light of Hope PC
15/11/2017 Austen Translation (PC)
15/11/2017 Fallen Kingdom (PC)
15/11/2017 Hyakki Castle (PC)
16/11/2017 Beyond Clouds (PC)
16/11/2017 Save the Lamb (PC)
16/11/2017 Tannenberg (PC)
17/11/2017 Batman: A Telltale Series (Switch)
17/11/2017 Demon Gaze II PSVITA Comprar en GAME
17/11/2017 Demon Gaze II PS4 Comprar en GAME
18/11/2017 The Chronicles of Nyanya (PC)
18/11/2017 Umineko When They Cry – Answer Arcs (PC)
20/11/2017 Loud or Quiet (PC)
20/11/2017 Run Dorothy Run (PS4)
21/11/2017 Madcap Castle (PC)
21/11/2017 Tartarus (PC)
21/11/2017 VR Squash 2017 (PC)
22/11/2017 Intenciones Ocultas (PS4)
22/11/2017 Saber es Poder (PS4)
23/11/2017 Tales of Winds: Tomb of the Sol Empire (PC)
24/11/2017 Hidden Object: Around the World in 80 Days (PC)
24/11/2017 Let’s Sing 10 (Switch)
27/11/2017 Time Carnage (PC)
28/11/2017 Battle Chasers: Nightwar (Switch)
28/11/2017 Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest (PC)
28/11/2017 Resident Evil Revelations 1 y 2 (Switch)
30/11/2017 Sacrament (PC)
30/11/2017 Syberia 2 (Switch)
Noviembre 2017 Above & Below (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Adoption (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Alchemist’s Castle (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (3DS)
Noviembre 2017 Battle of Red Cliffs VR (PC)
Noviembre 2017 BHB: BioHazard Bot (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Depth of Extinction (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Derpy Dinos (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Dogma (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Dreamstones (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Forever Home (PC)
Noviembre 2017 MegaRace 3 (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Possession (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Puzzle Box Maker (Switch)
Noviembre 2017 Road Rage (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
Noviembre 2017 School Girl Zombie Hunter (PS4)
Noviembre 2017 Swaps and Traps (PC)
Noviembre 2017 The Cave (2017) (PC)
Noviembre 2017 The Greenskins (PC)
Noviembre 2017 The Grimsworth Reports: Woodfall (PC)
Noviembre 2017 The Herbologist (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Tiny Bubbles (PC)
Noviembre 2017 Vinewing (PC)

Lanzamientos de Agosto 2017

Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae agosto. Gran mes con lanzamientos como Uncharted: El Legado Perdido, Hellblade, Life is Strange: Before the Storm y la nueva aventura de Mario junto a los Rabbids.

Os dejamos una lista completa con los juegos que no aparecen en el vídeo.

1/8/2017 A Step Into Darkness (PC)
1/8/2017 Alien Splatter Redux (PC)
1/8/2017 Capitalism 2 (PC)
1/8/2017 ConcPerfect 2017 (PC)
1/8/2017 Cornflower Corbin (PC)
1/8/2017 Crusader Crash (PC)
1/8/2017 Dark and Bright (PC)
1/8/2017 Deadliners (PC)
1/8/2017 Fidget Spinner Simulator (PC)
1/8/2017 Flux8 (PC)
1/8/2017 Happy Singh Adventures (PC)
1/8/2017 Maggie’s Apartment (PC)
1/8/2017 Medieval Mystery Match (PC)
1/8/2017 Redeemer (PC)
1/8/2017 Skeleton Boomerang (PC)
1/8/2017 The Brave Mouse (PC)
1/8/2017 The Initiate (PC)
1/8/2017 The Monster Inside (PC)
1/8/2017 Watergate Xtreme (PC)
2/8/2017 Abatron (PC)
2/8/2017 Alchemyland (PC)
2/8/2017 Ameline and the Ultimate Burger (PC)
2/8/2017 Angel Flare (PC)
2/8/2017 Hold My Beer (PC)
2/8/2017 Leylines (PC)
2/8/2017 SoulFrost (PC)
2/8/2017 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (PC)
3/8/2017 Achievement Hunter: Spinner Edition (PC)
3/8/2017 Age of Gladiators II (PC)
3/8/2017 Dark Elf (PC)
3/8/2017 Deltaplan Simulator (PC)
3/8/2017 Distorted Reality (PC)
3/8/2017 Juanito Arcade Mayhem (PC)
3/8/2017 ShineG In The Zombies (PC)
3/8/2017 Staff Wars: Wizard Rumble (PC)
4/8/2017 2 Planets Fire and Ice (PC)
4/8/2017 Black Mist (PC)
4/8/2017 Fantasy Mosaics 18: Explore New Colors (PC9
4/8/2017 Ghostie Quest (PC)
4/8/2017 Grav Grav Gravity (PC)
4/8/2017 Murder… (PC)
4/8/2017 Prime Shift (PC)
4/8/2017 Tank Battle: Pacific (PC)
4/8/2017 The Adventures of Capitano Navarro (PC)
4/8/2017 The Executioner: Prologue (PC)
4/8/2017 The Shrouded Isle (PC)
5/8/2017 Empyrion – Galactic Survival (PC)
5/8/2017 Gotta Go (PC)
5/8/2017 System Goose Overload (PC)
6/8/2017 Piece of Memory 2: Prologue (PC)
7/8/2017 Asteroids Millennium (PC)
7/8/2017 FormulaVR (PC)
7/8/2017 Super Ultra Monster Smash! (PC)
8/8/2017 BlockDude (PC)
8/8/2017 Cat Quest (PC)
8/8/2017 Descent – Silence of Mind (PC)
8/8/2017 Foxfolk (PC)
8/8/2017 Occult Raise (PC)
8/8/2017 Pepper’s Puzzles (PC)
8/8/2017 Squish and the Corrupted Crystal (PC)
9/8/2017 TimeLock VR (PC)
9/8/2017 Willful (PC)
10/8/2017 Bunka no Kenkyu – Revival of Queen Leyak (PC)
10/8/2017 Cavern Crumblers (PC)
10/8/2017 Crashday: Redline Edition (PC)
10/8/2017 Raid On Coasts (PC)
10/8/2017 Slingshot Hero VR (PC)
10/8/2017 Star-Rocket Strike (PC)
10/8/2017 Wizards: Home (PC)
11/8/2017 Looterkings (PC)
11/8/2017 Symbiotic Overload (PC)
11/8/2017 Team Racing League (PC)
12/8/2017 Galaxy Angels (PC)
13/8/2017 Orake 2D MMORPG (PC)
14/8/2017 Fausts Alptraum (PC)
14/8/2017 Solenars Edge REBIRTH (PC)
15/8/2017 ChainMan (PC)
15/8/2017 Cutthroat Gunboat (PC)
15/8/2017 Slave of War VR (PC)
15/8/2017 SOULS (PC)
16/8/2017 dontbegrey (PC)
16/8/2017 IKAROS (PC)
16/8/2017 Original Journey (PC)
16/8/2017 The Chronicles of Dragon Wing – Reborn (PC)
17/8/2017 Darkwood (PC)
18/8/2017 ARENA an Age of Barbarians story (PC)
18/8/2017 Road Dogs (PC)
18/8/2017 StickDodgeVR (PC)
18/8/2017 Zero Time Dilemma (PS4)
21/8/2017 DOGO (PC)
21/8/2017 The Wolf’s Bite (PC)
22/8/2017 Inertia (PC)
23/8/2017 2URVIVE (PC)
23/8/2017 ChromaGun (PS4)
23/8/2017 Distrust (PC)
24/8/2017 Train Sim World: Great Western Express (PC)
25/8/2017 The Journey Down: Chapter Three (PC)
25/8/2017 The Quest for Achievements II (PC)
26/8/2017 Silver Grapple (PC)
29/8/2017 Insatia (PC)
29/8/2017 Killing Floor 2 (Xbox One)
30/8/2017 Everybody’s Golf (PS4)
30/8/2017 Hermodr (PC)
30/8/2017 The Nothing (PC)
31/8/2017 Bannerman (PC)
31/8/2017 Outracer (PC)
31/8/2017 Tiny Echo (PC)
Agosto 2017 Afterlife 2 (PC)
Agosto 2017 Albert Mort – Desert Heat (PC)
Agosto 2017 Archangel (PC)
Agosto 2017 Astoria: The Holders of Power Saga (PC)
Agosto 2017 Axiom Verge (Nintendo Switch)
Agosto 2017 Castles II: Siege & Conquest (PC)
Agosto 2017 Cat Quest (PS4)
Agosto 2017 Circuit Dude (PC)
Agosto 2017 Close Me (PC)
Agosto 2017 CYBER VR (PC)
Agosto 2017 Demetrios – The BIG cynical adventure (PS4 y Xbox One)
Agosto 2017 Der einzig wahre Auserwählte (PC)
Agosto 2017 EXIT 2 – Directions (PC)
Agosto 2017 Expanse (PC)
Agosto 2017 Ghosts of Miami (PC)
Agosto 2017 Hidden Dragon: Legend (PS4 y PC)
Agosto 2017 HYPER DRIVE – The Insane Gravity Race (PC)
Agosto 2017 Insert Paper (PC)
Agosto 2017 Kitten adventures in city park (PC)
Agosto 2017 Melancholy Republic (PC)
Agosto 2017 My Lovely Daughter (PC)
Agosto 2017 Pine Seekers (PC)
Agosto 2017 Res Judicata: Vale of Myth (PC)
Agosto 2017 StarCraft: Remastered (PC)
Agosto 2017 Super Fancy Pants Adventure (PC)
Agosto 2017 The Coma: Recut (PS4, Xbox One y PC)

Lanzamiento de Junio 2017

Ya tenéis disponible en mi canal de Youtube las novedades que nos trae junio. Mes bastante escaso pero con grandes lanzamientos como Tekken 7, Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy, Arms y Dirt 4 entre otros.

Os dejamos una lista completa con los juegos que no aparecen en el vídeo.

1/6/2017 3..2..1..Grenades! (PC)
1/6/2017 Alvora Tactics (PC)
1/6/2017 Armed with Wings: Rearmed (PC)
1/6/2017 Aztec Venture (PC)
1/6/2017 Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 (PC)
1/6/2017 Last Dream: World Unknown (PC)
1/6/2017 Super Army of Tentacles 3 (PC)
1/6/2017 Triple X Tycoon (PC)
2/6/2017 flChess (PC)
2/6/2017 India Garden (PC)
2/6/2017 Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land. Chapter one (PC)
2/6/2017 The Journey: Bob’s Story (PC)
2/6/2017 UNTITLED (PC)
3/6/2017 Lotia (PC)
5/6/2017 Redneck Rampage Rides Again (PC)
5/6/2017 The Existence Abstract (PC)
6/6/2017 Jump Stars (PS4)
6/6/2017 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series – Episode 2 (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
6/6/2017 Star Fleet Armada Rogue Adventures (PC)
6/6/2017 WILL: A Wonderful World (PC)
7/6/2017 From Shadows (PC)
7/6/2017 Refunct (Xbox One)
8/6/2017 Amber’s Magic Shop (PC)
8/6/2017 Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (PC)
9/6/2017 Jump Stars (Xbox One y PC)
9/6/2017 Pixel Worlds (PC)
12/6/2017 Lamp Head (PC)
13/6/2017 Aftergrinder (PC)
13/6/2017 Fishermurs (PC)
13/6/2017 Mystic Melee (PC)
14/6/2017 Zup! 5 (PC)
15/6/2017 Rocket Wars (PC)
15/6/2017 Symphonic Rain (PC)
15/6/2017 Two Worlds II – Call of the Tenebrae (PC)
16/6/2017 Castle of Shikigami (PC)
16/6/2017 Hot Plates (PC)
20/6/2017 ARENA an Age of Barbarians story (PC)
21/6/2017 Pixplode (PC)
22/6/2017 Avatar of the Wolf (PC)
23/6/2017 Please (PC)
27/6/2017 Elite: Dangerous (PS4)
28/6/2017 Evil Glitch (PC)
28/6/2017 The Low Road (PC)
29/6/2017 Card City Nights 2 (PC)
29/6/2017 De Mambo (Nintendo Switch)
29/6/2017 Lost Cities (PC)
Junio 2017 1812: The Invasion of Canada (PC)
Junio 2017 Across The Moment (PC)
Junio 2017 Arizona Sunshine (PS4)
Junio 2017 Baja: Edge of Control HD (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
Junio 2017 Barbar Bar (PC)
Junio 2017 Bestseller: Curse of the Golden Owl (PC)
Junio 2017 Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game (PC)
Junio 2017 DragoDino (PC)
Junio 2017 Epic Little War Game (PC)
Junio 2017 Epitaph (PC)
Junio 2017 Escape The Gray (PC)
Junio 2017 Fabular: Once upon a Spacetime (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
Junio 2017 Flairtender (PC)
Junio 2017 FORM (PC)
Junio 2017 Garrison: Archangel (PC)
Junio 2017 Graveball (PC)
Junio 2017 inVokeR (PC)
Junio 2017 Kingdoms and Castles (PC)
Junio 2017 Le Tour de France 2017 (PS4 y Xbox One)
Junio 2017 Marvel Heroes Omega (PS4 y Xbox One)
Junio 2017 Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition (PS4 y Xbox One)
Junio 2017 Oh…Sir! The Insult Simulator (Xbox One)
Junio 2017 Pixel Ripped 1989 (PC)
Junio 2017 Pro Cycling Manager 2017 (PC)
Junio 2017 Quantum Replica (PS4 y Xbox One)
Junio 2017 Sniper Fury (PC)
Junio 2017 Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe (PC)
Junio 2017 Sudden Strike 4 (PS4 y PC)
Junio 2017 To The Light (PC)
Junio 2017 TSIOQUE (PC)
Junio 2017 Undead Hunter (PC)
Junio 2017 Underworld Dungeon (PC)
Junio 2017 xoEl Empire (PC)
Junio 2017 You Are God (PC)

Ya están aquí los estrenos de Marzo

Uno de los meses más potentes del año está a punto de llegar. En Marzo llegan a las tiendas títulos tan esperados como el nuevo ZeldaHorizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect Andromeda y Ghost Recond Wildlands junto a Nier Automata entre otros. También, como sabéis, la nueva consola de la gran «N», Nintendo Switch, sale a la venta en los próximos días.

Así que, coger lápiz y papel porque seguro que algún juego queréis. Os dejamos una lista completa con los juegos que no aparecen en el vídeo.

1/3/2017 Eekeemoo – Splinters of the Dark Shard (PC)
1/3/2017 Einlanzer (PC)
1/3/2017 Radioactive (PC)
1/3/2017 Second Coming (PC)
1/3/2017 Water Heroes: A Game for Change (PC)
2/3/2017 Your Star (PC)
3/3/2017 Chaos Drift (PC)
3/3/2017 Fast RMX (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Human Resource Machine (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 I am Setsuna (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Just Dance 2017 (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Little Inferno (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Mastema: Out of Hell (PC)
3/3/2017 Ra² (PC)
3/3/2017 Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Skylanders Imaginators (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Snipperclips – ¡A recortar en compañía! (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Starship Assassin (PC)
3/3/2017 Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo Edition – The Card Warriors (PC)
3/3/2017 Super Bomberman R (Nintendo Switch)
3/3/2017 Tiny Thor (PC)
3/3/2017 World of Goo (Nintendo Switch)
6/3/2017 Age of Rivals (PC)
7/3/2017 One Sole Purpose (PC)
7/3/2017 Switch (PC)
8/3/2017 Introvert Quest (PC)
9/3/2017 Danmaku Unlimited 3 (PC)
10/3/2017 Blink (PC)
10/3/2017 LEGO Worlds (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
10/3/2017 Table Top Racing: World Tour (Xbox One)
12/3/2017 Outer Heaven (PC)
14/3/2017 MX Nitro (PC)
14/3/2017 Real Heroes: Firefighter (PC)
14/3/2017 Red Barton & The Sky Pirates (PC)
14/3/2017 Yozora Rhapsody (PC)
17/3/2017 Castle Explorer (PC)
20/3/2017 TANKOUT (PC)
23/3/2017 Battle for Orion 2 (PC)
23/3/2017 The End of an Age: Fading Remnants (PC)
24/3/2017 In Vitra (PC)
24/3/2017 Out of the Park Baseball 18 (PC)
27/3/2017 Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy (PC)
28/3/2017 Jump, Step, Step (PC9
28/3/2017 Strafe (PC)
30/3/2017 Ys Origin PSN (PSVITA)
31/3/2017 Card City Nights 2 (PC)
Marzo 2017 88 Heroes (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
Marzo 2017 Astro Boy: Edge of Time (PC)
Marzo 2017 Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1 (PS4)
Marzo 2017 Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2 (PS4)
Marzo 2017 Beauty Bounce (PC)
Marzo 2017 City Siege Factions (PC)
Marzo 2017 Constellation Distantia (PC)
Marzo 2017 Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game (PC)
Marzo 2017 ESSENCE (PC)
Marzo 2017 FlatOut 4: Total Insanity (PS$ y Xbox One)
Marzo 2017 Forged of Blood (PC)
Marzo 2017 Geneshift (PC)
Marzo 2017 Graveball (PC)
Marzo 2017 HackyZack (PC)
Marzo 2017 Has-Been Heroes (Nintendo Switch)
Marzo 2017 Helium (PC)
Marzo 2017 Hollow Bliss (PC)
Marzo 2017 Last Wings (PC)
Marzo 2017 Locus Solus (PC)
Marzo 2017 Melancholy Republic (PC)
Marzo 2017 Narborion Saga (PC)
Marzo 2017 Outcast – Second Contact (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
Marzo 2017 Phantom Halls (PC)
Marzo 2017 Professional Farmer 2017 (PC)
Marzo 2017 Project Arrhythmia (PC)
Marzo 2017 Quantum Replica (PC)
Marzo 2017 RC-AirSim – RC Model Airplane Flight Simulator (PC)
Marzo 2017 Roomscale Coaster (PC)
Marzo 2017 Routine (PC)
Marzo 2017 Senran Kagura: Estival Versus (PC)
Marzo 2017 Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom (PS4, Xbox One y PC)
Marzo 2017 Skylar & Plux: Adventure on Clover Island (PS4, Xbone One y PC)
Marzo 2017 Symphony of the Machine (PS4 y PC)
Marzo 2017 The Deer God (PS4 y VITA)
Marzo 2017 Trajectory (PC)
Marzo 2017 Valhalla Hills – Definitive Edition (PS$ y Xbox One)
Marzo 2017 Voodoo Vince: Remastered (Xbox One y PC)
Marzo 2017 You, With Me – A Kinetic Novel (PC)